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Dr. Ayad Protocols

Dr. Ayad Protocols

At some point in our lives, we've all had moments of looking in the mirror, catching a glimpse of ourselves in a photo, or seeing our reflection on a screen during a virtual call, only to feel that our visage seems weary, lackluster, or even gaunt. This unsettling sensation, albeit subtle, often becomes a quiet concern that resonates with many. Fortunately, this narrative is no stranger to Dr. Ayad and his clientele.

With the plethora of treatments and solutions available in the aesthetic world, it can become overwhelming, leaving many feeling lost in a sea of options. And this is where Dr. Ayad steps in.

As a seasoned Plastic Surgeon with an extensive background in cosmetic surgery and aesthetics, Dr. Ayad is a beacon in the field. His approach marries rigorous scientific knowledge, a keen artistic eye, and stringent ethical values. The outcome? A unique aesthetic style that consistently delivers results nothing short of breathtaking.

After dedicating countless hours to perfecting his craft and having treated thousands of patients, Dr. Ayad's acumen in facial aesthetics has reached an unparalleled depth. This vast experience allows him to grasp, articulate, and address even the most subtle and indistinct of concerns that patients bring forward. He decodes the nuanced discomforts you feel about your appearance, transforming them into concrete, actionable treatment plans aimed at revitalizing your aesthetic charm.

Full Facial Design

One of the cornerstones of Dr. Ayad's Protocols is a thorough evaluation of the face as a cohesive unit. By holistically assessing every curve, contour, shadow, and highlight – from the forehead to the neck – he formulates a comprehensive aesthetic roadmap. This plan is tailored to breathe life into your natural proportions, accentuating the innate beauty of your facial landmarks. This transformation might involve a mix of non-surgical, skincare, and surgical procedures. Moreover, instead of a rapid overhaul, Dr. Ayad often suggests a meticulously phased approach spanning anywhere from 3-12 months. This ensures that the final metamorphosis not only meets but often surpasses, patient expectations.

Side Profile Balancing

Your side profile is not merely an isolated view; it's a symphony of interconnected elements, from the forehead, nose, lips to the chin. Each of these components plays a crucial role in the harmony and balance of the profile. Recognizing this intricate dance of features, Dr. Ayad offers a holistic assessment and treatment for the side profile. His expertise ensures that, after treatment, you can confidently present any angle of your face to the camera, secure in the knowledge that it radiates balance and elegance.

Mid-Face Protocol

At the heart of Dr. Ayad's Protocols is the Mid-Face Protocol. This revolutionary technique zeroes in on rejuvenating the natural structure of the mid-face area. It emphasizes replenishing volume where it inherently belongs, particularly focusing on the under-eyes, mid-face, and cheekbones. The outcome? A refreshed and contoured appearance that never ventures into the realm of being harsh or unnatural. The genius of this treatment lies in its individualized approach. By concentrating on a person's natural fat pockets, Dr. Ayad ensures that each intervention is exquisitely tailored to the uniqueness of every face.

Dr. Ayad's Protocols are more than mere treatments; they are an artistic and scientific journey towards rediscovering and enhancing one's inherent beauty. With an ethos deeply rooted in individualized care, every patient emerges from the experience not as a changed person but as a refined version of themselves.

At a glance

Treatment Time

1-4 hours (Depending on the specifics)


Immediate to 48 hours

Hospital Stay

Overnight for some surgical components

Full Recovery

1-3 weeks depending on the treatment extent

Time off work

3-10 days based on individual procedures


24-48 hours post-surgical treatments


2-3 weeks


48 hours after surgical treatments

Benefits of the treatment

The Facial Design treatment at SRGN goes beyond mere aesthetic modifications; it is an embodiment of transformation, both physical and emotional. The concept of facial harmony is one rooted deeply in the realms of both art and science. The innate balance and symmetry of a face play an influential role in our perception of beauty. The Facial Design procedure taps into this very essence, offering individuals a chance to bring out the best version of themselves.

One of the most profound benefits of this treatment is the harmonious balance it brings. By realigning the face's features, it projects a naturally symmetric and appealing look. Each element, from the eyes to the chin, is intricately woven into the design to project a cohesive and appealing appearance. This holistic approach ensures that no single feature dominates, but rather, they all complement each other to enhance the face's overall allure.

Moreover, the natural results achieved through this treatment set it apart. There's a delicate dance between transformation and authenticity. At SRGN, while the changes made are notable, they are always in tune with the individual's inherent facial structure. This ensures that post-treatment, while friends and family will notice a refreshed, vibrant look, they will still see the individual they know and love.

The journey with SRGN also promises an experience of expertise and care. Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with our team’s unparalleled expertise, assures every individual of precision throughout the procedure. From the initial consultation to the post-treatment care, every step is marked by meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

Lastly, the Facial Design treatment recognizes the uniqueness of every individual. While the principles of aesthetics and symmetry apply universally, the manifestation of these principles varies from face to face. As such, SRGN's approach is always individualized, tailored to cater to each person's desires and needs. This bespoke treatment plan ensures that the results resonate deeply with the individual, reflecting not just an improved version of their physical self but also mirroring their inner essence and personality.

What Distinguishes Facial Design From Other Aesthetic Treatments?

Facial Design is a holistic approach that differentiates itself by focusing on the entirety of the face, rather than just isolated features. In the vast world of aesthetic treatments, many procedures target specific areas: the eyes, the nose, the lips. However, Facial Design operates on the understanding that beauty and balance in one's appearance arise from the interplay of all facial features in harmony. It's akin to listening to a symphony rather than a solo. Our approach looks at everything from the forehead to the neck, ensuring that each feature complements the others. The end goal is not just enhancement but achieving a harmonious balance that radiates natural beauty.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The longevity of results from Facial Design varies based on the specific treatments involved, but it's designed to offer lasting transformations. While some non-surgical interventions might require periodic touch-ups, many of the changes achieved through our approach are enduring. On average, most of the outcomes can last several years or even more. It's essential to have periodic consultations to ensure the results remain optimal, and with proper care and maintenance, your refreshed look can be a lasting testament to the expertise at SRGN.

Is There Any Downtime After The Treatment?

Downtime post-treatment varies considerably based on the specific interventions within the Facial Design procedure. Non-surgical treatments often have minimal to no downtime, allowing individuals to return to their daily routines almost immediately. More extensive surgical components, on the other hand, may necessitate a recuperation period. Typically, this could range from a few days to a couple of weeks. We at SRGN prioritize patient comfort and provide all necessary guidelines to ensure a smooth and swift recovery, keeping any downtime to a minimum.

Can I Combine Facial Design With Other Treatments?

Absolutely. Facial Design, given its comprehensive nature, is often synergistic with other treatments. Depending on individual needs and desired outcomes, it can be combined with other procedures to achieve an overarching aesthetic goal. During the consultation process at SRGN, our experts will evaluate the best course of action and recommend combinations that would maximize results while ensuring safety and coherence in the overall aesthetic outcome.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Patient comfort is paramount at SRGN. Any discomfort associated with the Facial Design procedure is meticulously managed. During the procedure, local anesthesia or sedation is administered to ensure a pain-free experience. Post-treatment, any discomfort or soreness, often described as mild, is typically manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers. We provide clear guidelines on managing any post-treatment sensations, ensuring patients feel comfortable and informed throughout their recovery journey.

About Our Clinic

Located in the heart of Ascot, Bicester, and London, the SRGN Clinic exemplifies afusion of cutting-edge science, unparalleled skill, and an unwavering commitment to patient care. The clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in thefield of aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Leading the team at SRGN is Dr. Ayad Harb, a renowned plastic surgeon and aesthetic trainer. His expertise, honed by years of experience and a genuine passion for improving lives, defines the very core of the clinic's ethos. Dr. Harb's innovative techniques, combined with an artistic eye for detail, enable him to deliver consistently exceptional results that are tailored to each patient's individual needs and desires.

At SRGN, we believe in the transformative power of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Our treatments, ranging from non-invasive procedures to complex surgical interventions, are designed to enhance and accentuate your natural beauty. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment where you can discuss your aesthetic goals openly, and together we create a treatment plan that brings these goals to life.

Every member of the SRGN team shares a deep commitment to patient care. We prioritise your comfort, safety, and satisfaction from the moment you step into our clinic. Each of our facilities mirrors the luxury and tranquility of their surroundings, offering a serene space where you can embark on your journey to self-improvement.

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