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Nucleotides & Stem Cells

What are NCTF & Nucleotides?

NCTF (New Cellular Treatment Factor) combined with nucleotides is a pioneering advancement in aesthetic medicine, ushering in a new era of skin rejuvenation. Our commitment at SRGN is to explore and provide treatments that not only address surface-level aesthetic concerns but also understand and cater to the intricate complexities beneath the skin's surface. NCTF & Nucleotides is a testament to this commitment.

NCTF is a distinctive concoction that brings together a rich array of essential nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, and minerals. These elements, individually, have long been celebrated for their skin-rejuvenating properties. Yet, when combined in the precise proportions of the NCTF blend, they synergistically work to achieve an even more profound impact on the skin. This blend targets skin at the cellular level, promoting regeneration and rejuvenation that goes beyond the mere superficial. The transformative effects of NCTF are notable not just in the immediate post-treatment phase but manifest as sustained improvements in skin quality over time.

Nucleotides, on the other hand, are often referred to as the building blocks of life itself. They form the foundational units of our DNA, playing an indispensable role in cellular processes. Their inclusion in this treatment is not incidental; nucleotides have a proven track record of accelerating repair and regeneration within skin cells. When introduced into the skin's dermal layer, nucleotides have the potential to work wonders. They have an innate ability to stimulate collagen production, an essential protein responsible for the skin's elasticity and resilience. Moreover, nucleotides counteract the visible signs of ageing, combating fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, resulting in skin that radiates youthful vigour.

Bringing together the restorative properties of NCTF with the regenerative prowess of nucleotides creates a treatment modality that is truly transformative. At SRGN, our application of this treatment is not just about the science behind it but also about the art of its delivery. We understand that every individual's skin is unique, with its own set of challenges and potential. Therefore, our approach to the NCTF & Nucleotides treatment is deeply personalised, ensuring that each patient receives care tailored to their specific needs.

What further sets this treatment apart from others in its category is its non-invasive nature. In a world where surgical interventions are often seen as the go-to solution for significant aesthetic concerns, the NCTF & Nucleotides treatment offers a refreshing alternative. Patients can expect a procedure that is less invasive, with minimal discomfort, yet one that delivers results that are both significant and long-lasting. This is especially appealing to those who might be apprehensive about surgical procedures or those who are looking for effective solutions without prolonged recovery times.

The NCTF & Nucleotides treatment at SRGN is more than just another aesthetic procedure. It represents a harmonious blend of science and artistry, delivered with precision and care. It's an invitation to experience skin rejuvenation that is profound, holistic, and enduring.

At a glance

Treatment Time

45-60 minutes



Hospital Stay

Not required

Full Recovery

48 hours

Time off work

Not required, though some may prefer a day for personal comfort.


Immediate, but avoid direct high pressure on the treated area.


72 hours



Benefits of the treatment

The benefits of the NCTF & Nucleotides treatment are numerous, extending well beyond immediate visual enhancements to encompass holistic skin health and rejuvenation. At SRGN, we have long championed treatments that offer both immediate and long-term benefits. With NCTF & Nucleotides, we truly believe we're offering a solution that upholds this vision.

One of the standout benefits of this treatment is the profound cellular revitalization it delivers. The power of NCTF, enriched with a myriad of essential nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids, converges with the restorative properties of nucleotides. Together, they stimulate a level of cellular turnover and regeneration that few treatments can match. This means that not only does the skin appear refreshed and rejuvenated immediately post-treatment, but these effects are sustained and even amplified over time as the skin continues its natural regeneration cycle.

Additionally, the treatment's ability to produce natural results cannot be overstated. In the realm of aesthetic treatments, there's a delicate balance between enhancement and retaining natural beauty. The NCTF & Nucleotides treatment strikes this balance exquisitely. It boosts the skin's innate healing and rejuvenating mechanisms, ensuring outcomes that amplify one's natural beauty without veering into the realm of the artificial. Clients often remark on how their results feel authentic – a true reflection of themselves, but at their very best.

Moreover, the comprehensive skin nourishment offered by the treatment sets it apart in the crowded field of aesthetic solutions. While many treatments may target specific aesthetic concerns, NCTF & Nucleotides goes further. By nourishing the skin from within, it ensures that the epidermis is not just visually enhanced but genuinely healthier. This deep nourishment ensures that the skin can better combat external aggressors like pollution, UV rays, and the natural ageing process.

Lastly, the minimal downtime associated with the treatment is a considerable boon, especially in today's fast-paced world. Clients can resume most daily activities almost immediately, making the treatment a perfect fit for those with busy schedules. The fusion of convenience with effectiveness makes the NCTF & Nucleotides treatment a preferred choice for many.

The NCTF & Nucleotides treatment is more than just an aesthetic procedure; it's a comprehensive journey to healthier, more radiant skin. Through its multifaceted benefits, it exemplifies SRGN's commitment to delivering transformative skincare solutions.

What Exactly Are NCTF & Nucleotides?

NCTF stands for New Cellular Treatment Factor, which is a potent cocktail of vital nutrients, amino acids, and minerals. This blend has been meticulously designed to rejuvenate the skin at its very core, promoting regeneration, hydration, and revitalization. Its unique formulation targets not just the skin's surface, but penetrates deeper, reaching the cellular level. This ensures a comprehensive healing and restorative process that sustains skin health and vitality over time. Nucleotides, meanwhile, are often termed the building blocks of life. As foundational units of DNA, they play critical roles in cellular replication, repair, and overall function. Their inclusion in the treatment isn't a mere afterthought. When introduced to the skin, nucleotides accelerate cellular repair and regeneration. They actively promote collagen production, leading to improved skin elasticity and a noticeable reduction in the signs of ageing. Combined, NCTF & Nucleotides offer a dual-action treatment strategy that addresses both immediate skin concerns and ensures longer-term skin health.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like with any medical or aesthetic treatment, there is potential for side effects, though they are generally minimal with NCTF & Nucleotides. Most commonly, patients may notice slight redness, a bit of swelling, or minor bruising at the site of treatment. These symptoms are temporary, usually subsiding within a few hours to a day. They are the body's natural response to the treatment and typically indicate that the healing process is underway. However, it's crucial to have open communication with your clinician. At SRGN, we prioritise patient safety and provide extensive post-treatment guidelines to ensure comfort and optimal results. Always reach out if you have concerns post-treatment, as your well-being is our primary focus.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The beauty of the NCTF & Nucleotides treatment lies in its tailored approach. While many patients report visible improvements after just one session, the number of treatments needed varies based on individual skin conditions, desired results, and other factors. Typically, for more pronounced or chronic skin concerns, a series of treatments might be recommended to achieve optimal results. During your consultation at SRGN, our specialists will assess your skin's condition, discuss your goals, and devise a personalised treatment plan that aligns with your needs.

Is This Treatment Suitable For All Skin Types?

NCTF & Nucleotides treatment has been designed to cater to a broad spectrum of skin types and concerns. Its versatility makes it a suitable solution for various skin textures, tones, and conditions. However, as with any medical or aesthetic procedure, individual reactions and results can vary. At SRGN, our patient-centric approach ensures that during your initial consultation, our experts thoroughly assess your skin and medical history, ensuring the treatment is the right fit for you and minimising any potential risks.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The longevity of results can vary based on individual factors, including skin type, age, lifestyle habits, and adherence to post-treatment care guidelines. Generally, the effects of NCTF & Nucleotides are quite durable, with many patients enjoying the benefits for several months post-treatment. To maintain these benefits and ensure the skin remains at its best, we often recommend follow-up sessions. Regular touch-ups, combined with a good skincare routine, can prolong and even enhance the treatment's effects, ensuring your skin remains radiant and youthful.

About Our Clinic

Located in the heart of Ascot, Bicester, and London, the SRGN Clinic exemplifies afusion of cutting-edge science, unparalleled skill, and an unwavering commitment to patient care. The clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in thefield of aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Leading the team at SRGN is Dr. Ayad Harb, a renowned plastic surgeon and aesthetic trainer. His expertise, honed by years of experience and a genuine passion for improving lives, defines the very core of the clinic's ethos. Dr. Harb's innovative techniques, combined with an artistic eye for detail, enable him to deliver consistently exceptional results that are tailored to each patient's individual needs and desires.

At SRGN, we believe in the transformative power of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Our treatments, ranging from non-invasive procedures to complex surgical interventions, are designed to enhance and accentuate your natural beauty. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment where you can discuss your aesthetic goals openly, and together we create a treatment plan that brings these goals to life.

Every member of the SRGN team shares a deep commitment to patient care. We prioritise your comfort, safety, and satisfaction from the moment you step into our clinic. Each of our facilities mirrors the luxury and tranquility of their surroundings, offering a serene space where you can embark on your journey to self-improvement.

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